Light stops me in my tracks

I sometimes ride around looking for interesting subjects and good light (which isn’t too difficult in Saigon).  There’s tons of people just out on the street: moving, eating, working, hanging out, and then there’s the occasional weirdo geeking out with his camera.  That was me the other day when I saw … Continue readingLight stops me in my tracks

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Toddler haircuts

Back in college, one of my biology-major friends told me about a disease that brings back all your old injuries and you have to suffer from them again.  Every scraped knee, broken wrist, or sprained ankle would basically resurface, and the victim would feel like they were in … Continue readingToddler haircuts

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Nguyen Hue construction

Recently, I was running errands around downtown HCMC when I found myself next to the expansive Nguyen Hue St beautification project.  I was curious about what all they were doing, and since the general public was casually passing through the site, I took the opportunity to explore the … Continue readingNguyen Hue construction

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