ninja warrior

I train and compete in Ninja Warrior because overcoming obstacles is what I do.  At first, ninja warrior obstacles are often intimidating and challenging, but with enough planning and practice, everything is possible.  This is a huge lesson and ninja warrior is a movement that I love sharing with new and experienced ninjas around the world.

Derek Miyamoto – Ninja Ambassador

Sasuke Vietnam Season 2, Stage 1
Sasuke Vietnam Season 2, Stage 2
Velocity Urban Attack 4 (Singapore)
Tough Warrior – qualifying round (Bangkok, Thailand)
Tough Warrior – semi-final round (Bangkok, Thailand)
Tough Warrior – final round (Bangkok, Thailand) (6th place)
UNAA Fitexpo Anaheim

UNAA Fitexpo Los Angeles (3rd place)
NNL Apex Qualifier
UNAA MROC qualifier
American Ninja Warrior Season 9 – Los Angeles Qualifiers (37th place)
Sasuke Vietnam Season 3, Stage 1
Sasuke Vietnam Season 3, Stage 2:
UNAA Fitexpo Anaheim

American Ninja Warrior Season 10 – Los Angeles Finals