ninja warrior

I train and compete in Ninja Warrior because I love the challenge of confronting and overcoming obstacles.  At first, they are often intimidating and challenging (i.e. Salmon Ladder, Warped Wall), but with enough planning and determination, anything is possible.  I’m grateful to be a part of the supportive and positive worldwide ninja community.

Derek Miyamoto – Ninja Ambassador

Sasuke Vietnam Season 2, Stage 1
Sasuke Vietnam Season 2, Stage 2
Velocity Urban Attack 4 (Singapore)
Tough Warrior – qualifying round (Bangkok, Thailand)
Tough Warrior – semi-final round (Bangkok, Thailand)
Tough Warrior – final round (Bangkok, Thailand) (6th place)
UNAA Fitexpo Anaheim

UNAA Fitexpo Los Angeles (3rd place)
NNL Apex Qualifier
UNAA MROC qualifier
American Ninja Warrior Season 9 – Los Angeles Qualifiers (37th place)
Sasuke Vietnam Season 3, Stage 1
Sasuke Vietnam Season 3, Stage 2:
UNAA Fitexpo Anaheim

American Ninja Warrior Season 10 – Los Angeles Finals